Paintings Displayed at Hope Art Alcoves

From Aug. 3 to Sept. 2, Roxanne Hanney, of Sturgeon Bay, will display pastel and oil paintings at the Hope Art Alcoves, Hope United Church of Christ, 141 S. 12th Avenue, Sturgeon Bay. A preview of her exhibit and a chance to meet the artist will take place 11:30 am to 12:30 pm, Aug. 5, at Hope United Church of Christ. The public is welcome.

Taking her inspiration from the natural world, Hanney paints what compels her to look more closely and deeply. Here, she discovers patterns and abstractions, movements and moods. Hanney’s oils feature creamy textures and the vast range of values that permit stark contrasts and the play of light over surfaces.

The Hope Art Alcoves is open 9 am ‒ 1 pm, Tuesday through Friday and 11:30 am ‒ 12:30 pm Sunday.

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