Pairings of Love

Artwork-lyric pairings from Love On Holiday

Love in all its forms took center stage Feb. 8 and 9 during the Love On Holiday concerts at Third Avenue Playhouse. More than 30 songwriters/musicians came together at the Holiday Music Motel over the course of a week to collaborate and create original songs inspired by the work of local artists.

Here are two of the 2019 Love On Holiday pairings. For more information about all of the Holiday Music Motel’s collaborative songwriting events, go to


Lineage of Love by Nicola Kaftan

In Kaftan’s mixed-media collage, the focus is on family. The photographs are of her great-great-grandmother holding her grandfather in 1888, her grandfather holding her mother in 1920, and her mother holding her in 1952. In her artist’s statement, Kaftan wrote:

“I started thinking about love and how to visualize it. I was drawn to a photo of my grandfather as a baby being held by his grandmother. I was touched by the way he was resting his cheek up against hers and how his little arms wrapped around her. She is calm and solid and smiling. It feels like there is a lot of trust between them. That made me start thinking about my grandfather, whom I adored, and how he had passed that love and trust along to me. Also that love and trust had traveled through my mother as well, down to me. Both my mother and my grandfather spent a lot of time and attention on me, mainly teaching me things like how to draw and swim and play the piano. I realized that this was a big part of my lineage.”

“Legacy of Love”
Written by Genevieve Heyward, James Hall, Matt Spatol and Victoria Vox

I see my face in a photo
Impressions of who I used be
all the smiles and the tears and the joy through the years
branches of my family tree

You took my worst and my best
The things you never requested,
I put up a fight and party every night
Don’t you tell me it’s fate
Because when push comes to shove
I’ve been spitting it straight
I’ve got a Legacy of Love

I got compassion from mama
My daddy gave me loyalty
Got a couple of traits I’m not so proud of today
But without ’em, what would I be?

And now that I’m older
I’m getting used to how these memories fade
I know that you’re here when I look in the mirror
And in my heart you’ll always stay

Ghost Face by Ernest Beutel

Ghost Face by Ernest Beutel

This portrait is of a dog that had been severely abused and then rescued from a shelter. Beutel wrote of his painting, “He was a dog that was afraid of everything. He lived a life of being spooked by the smallest things. This painting represents the expression Chet often wore all day long. Whether it was a car passing by or another dog wagging its tail, Chet would react as if he had seen an apparition.”

The song is from the dog’s perspective.

“I’d Be So Good For You”
Written by Andrea Wittgens, Greg Roteik and Alex Wilson

I see you walking by my window every day
I say to myself, I say, oh please come back my way
I know, I know we’d be so good together
Don’t know who’s loving you now
But I can love you better

I’d be so good for you
Oh baby I’d go anywhere you asked me to
You’d be so good for me
Love me as I am, bring out the best in me

I could know you better than you know yourself
Be there by your side when there’s no one else
Oh, come on take a chance on me baby
Oh oh
I’d be so good to you

This world is crazy and people can be so cruel
I’ve been kept down, kicked around, lost and found – maybe you’ve been too?
I know it’s hard to learn to trust again
But if we do this together, I’m in it forever from this moment here to the end

I’d be so good for you
Baby I’d go anywhere you ask me to
You’d be so good for meLove me exactly as I am,
bring out the best in me

You’d know me better than I know myself
Be there by my side when there’s no one else
C’mon take a chance on me baby
Oh oh
I’d be so good to you

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