Paper Work

Kay Collier McLaugglin with the beginnings of her tryptic in handmade paper.

In addition to scheduled classes at the Center for Handmade Paper at Woodwalk Gallery, Kirsten Christianson works with students on an individual basis. Some have come to Door County for rest and inspiration every summer. Kay Collier Mclaugghlin, therapist and author from Carlisle, Kentucky is one of them. Last summer she spent time working on a tryptic.

Mclaugghlin wrote, “Door County is my heart home and my peace place. I have been coming to Door County for twenty-five years and for the last five years, since I discovered it, the first plan I make each trip is to reserve time at the Woodwalk paper-making studio. Time to study and work with Kirsten Christianson, and to simply be in the environment that Margaret and Allin have created is worth the trip from Kentucky to Wisconsin!

“For this collage artist, there is the unparalleled opportunity to make my own papers under the watchful eye of an artist/teacher as we share ideas on life while we work.”

The Center for Handmade Paper at Woodwalk offers classes and workshops that promote handmade paper as an art form and means of creative expression. Kirsten Christianson, coordinator, is an environmental artist who invites students to experiment with wild fibers, local plants, branches and stones in making note cards, art objects and paper sheets.

Every class is self-contained and is also interrelated to the other classes. Participants will use local resources for ideas and as materials to combine with handmade paper. Special classes can be arranged for groups of friends or families from May to October. For more information visit