Parks Committee Discusses Hotel Parking, Pebble Beach

The Village of Sister Bay’s Parks and Properties Committee discussed parking for CHOP and the Dörr Hotel on June 29. Jaco Management, which owns the properties, requested that the public-parking signs for the parking lot behind CHOP come down after the hotel is completed. Plan Commission Chair Denise Bhirdo said it’s unclear, however, whether the entire lot is assigned to the property. 

The village built the parking lot to help entice a buyer for the former Walkway Shops parcel, earmarking it as a public lot in the short term.

The 47-unit hotel has been allotted 20 of the existing spots and will be installing additional new spaces. Twenty of the remaining spots are assigned to CHOP, which still comes up short of the 95 needed for the 300-seat restaurant. The committee did not make a decision about the parking lot signage. Pebble Beach was also discussed. With Pebble Beach now owned and operated by the village, residents have called for signage notifying visitors of fines for taking stones from the beach. The committee instructed staff to install a temporary sign and order permanent signage.