Patricia Skalka Releases 6th Installment in Dave Cubiak Series

The sixth installment in author Patricia Skalka’s Dave Cubiak Door County Mystery series, Death Washes Ashore, will be released April 20.

In it, Sheriff Dave Cubiak heads out into the aftermath of a brutal storm on the peninsula to assess the damage and check in with folks to offer help. His assistant calls about a body that was discovered on the beach, and when the medical examiner discovers the man didn’t simply drown during the storm, Cubiak must search for answers.

Chasing leads, the sheriff learns that the victim had directed a troupe of live-action role players living in an ersatz Camelot. In a setting where pretense is the norm, Cubiak must determine whether the suspects’ made-up identities conceal a ruthless killer.

Patricia Skalka divides her time between Milwaukee and Door County.