PC Junction Wins Second Straight Volleyball Title

PC Junction won the Northern Door Volleyball League championship for the second year in a row by sweeping a doubleheader Aug. 23. Controversial off-season maneuvering by team captain and general manager Devin Thomas put the team in position to weather the loss of Jake Erickson, who left the team in free agency. Thomas has already turned his attention to evaluate league rosters for potential raiding this offseason as he aims for a third consecutive championship in 2018.


Final Standings

PC Junction, 45-3

Husby’s, 40-8

Blue Horse, 32-16

Roots, 28-20

Camp David, 23-25

Main Street Market, 19-29

Nicolet Beach, 13-29

Wilson’s, 10-39

Typesetters, 2-43

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