PC Junction Wins Third Straight Northern Door Volleyball League Title

PC Junction locked down the 2018 Northern Door Volleyball League championship in the final match of the year, taking two of three games from Blue Horse.

PC Junction was without the services of captain Devin Thomas and bowlegged scrub Myles Dannhausen, but still prevailed over a Blue Horse squad playing without setter Alissa Ehmke. The championship is the third straight for PC Junction, putting the team in the company of the vaunted Husby’s and Blue Horse dynasties of the past, and validating the ruthless off-season recruiting efforts of Thomas, who is rumored to put in 12-hour days throughout the off-season to shore up his roster.

Husby’s and Blue Horse claimed their familiar spots near the top of the standings, while a young Boathouse showed they should be a force in the years to come – at least until Thomas poaches its players.


Final Standings

  1. PC Junction, 50-4
  2. Husby’s, 48-6
  3. Boathouse, 41-13
  4. Blue Horse, 32-22
  5. Healthy Way Market, 32-22
  6. Roots Inn & Kitchen, 24- 30
  7. Main Street Market, 24-30
  8. Nicolet Beach, 8-46
  9. Door County Brewing Co., 7-47
  10. Camp David, 4-50


Aug. 22 Results

Roots 2, Nicolet 1

Boathouse 3, Main Street Market 0

Main Street Market 3, Door County Brewing Co. 0

Boathouse 3, Camp David 0

Husby’s 3, Nicolet 0

Healthy Way 3, Camp David 0

Husby’s 3, Door County Brewing Co. 0

PC Junction 2, Blue Horse 1

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