Peace Frequency Community Group Holds First Public Event Dec. 13

The Peace Frequency Community, a new Door County group gaining greater local following, is hosting a night of music, reflection and a guided sound meditation.

This, their first public event, takes place Dec. 13 at the Door County Fire Company with unassigned seating available beginning at 6:30 pm and the event commencing at 7 pm. Everyone in the Door community is invited to share the experience of tuning in to the frequency of peace.

Dorothy Scott will open the event with kids from the community in song. Jane Sommers will follow, engaging the audience to join her in a call-and-response session. After that, Megan Lundahl will lead everyone in a guided meditation accompanied by the soothing and magical vibrations of Tibetan bowls and gong played by sound therapist Christine Zimonick.

As one of the founding members, Ame Thorson explains, “We are beginning to better understand the neural basis of states like happiness, gratitude, resilience, love, compassion and peace. It starts with knowing that in order to affect change in anything, we have to raise our vibrational frequency. Thinking positive thoughts increases our overall wellness. So, we put together a night that would begin to stimulate this within our own community, working together to achieve a state of peace.”

Refreshments will be available following the concert. The event is provided on a freewill donation basis.

Find out more about The Peace Frequency Community on Facebook at

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