Peaceful Vibe with Emily Salm

Students from Gibraltar High School met with the artist Emily Salm for a drawing workshop.

The atmosphere of the chemistry lab was loud and disruptive but the artist Emily Salm has created a peaceful and natural vibe for drawing.

Salm has been inspired by nature and other artists. Another thing she has always been inspired by is children’s artwork. “Children’s artwork is free. They are not worried about what people think,” Salm said. “Children draw what they feel.” She has been drawing since kindergarten and went to Madison for college for an art education. She has brought her art atmosphere to share.

Salm is here at Gibraltar High School to show her work through the part years and teach students different tools and elements of art. Some of the elements are the textures, lines, and most importantly, having fun creating art. The elements in art seem to be endless, but the tools are what make the drawing flow together. There are many pencils for drawing. For example; the pencil with the letter H is a light shade. The pencil with the letter B is a darker shade. The students each had their own drawings with different tools and textures.

A junior, Ashley Caldecott, works on sketching, as she calls it, “a fat bird.”

One student picked a picture to draw because of the colors and the natural image it has. All the students seemed calm and relaxed. One of the students, Paige Franke, describes this class as “Interesting and peaceful.” Most of the students were just put in the class, but they really seemed to like it. After this workshop, the students will take with them what they have learned and use it in future experiences.