Pebble Beach Sale to Close in September

The effort to preserve Pebble Beach will enter a new phase in September, when the Village of Sister Bay will close on the purchase of the popular beach at Little Sister Harbor. 

Fundraising continues, however, for the joint effort of the village and the Door County Land Trust, which reached its goal for its $500,000 contribution to the $2.4 million purchase in early August. The organization continues to accept donations on behalf of the village to help cover costs associated with the purchase, and additional donors will be recognized on the kiosk that will be constructed on the property. 

A Coastal Management Program grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will cover $1 million of the purchase. The village hopes to get a Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program grant to pay for some or all of the purchase, but it won’t know until 2020 how much money, if any, it will be awarded. 

After the purchase is completed, the property will be owned and managed by the Village of Sister Bay in accordance with stipulations of the NOAA grant, a potential Knowles-Nelson grant and a conservation easement agreement with the Door County Land Trust. 

“Right now the plan is to just leave it,” said village Administrator Beau Bernhoft. “We didn’t purchase this property to develop anything at all. Down the road our aim is to make it a little more accessible, but nothing major.”

Tom Clay, executive director of the land trust, has been awed by the response to the project, which has included donations from 400 individuals and families. 

“It’s a crazy, amazing story,” he said. “The outpouring of support and affection for Pebble Beach is inspiring. It has been a really incredible project to be a part of.” 

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