PenArt Offers Youth Studio Workshops

Peninsula School of Art offers a number of youth studio programs throughout the summer. Here are some of the June workshops.

Nature and art intersect in “From Armadillo to Zebra: Animal Sculptures,” a ceramics workshop where students create their own pack of sculptural animals. Gathering inspiration from pets, the creatures of Door County, and wild animals from throughout the world, children use pinch, coil, and slab techniques to form each piece. The workshop runs June 18-21, from 9 am to 12 pm. It is intended for ages three to five.

Next up is “Hands On Art History.” This workshop looks at and discusses various artistic styles in painting throughout history and contemporary times. Young artists experiment with a range of painting and drawing materials, mark-making tools, and paint application in a series of skill-building exercises and final projects. It is available June 25-28, 1-4 pm. It is open to children ages six to eight.

“Creative Illusions” is intended for kids ages nine to 12. Throughout history, artists have used a variety of techniques to trick the eye of the viewer. This workshop dives into the methods behind optical art, trompe l’oeil, tessellations, and more. Children will use a variety of drawing and painting materials to create two-dimensional works that appear three-dimensional, imply movement, vibrate, hide images, and warp. It is open June 25-28, 1-4 pm.

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