PenArt Summer Programs Begin

Summer is here and PenArt’s Summer Studios program is about to begin. PenArt workshops offer an opportunity for children and teens to explore creativity, meet new friends and, most importantly, have fun.

In “Every Image Tells a Story,” students will read, discuss and use popular children’s books as inspiration for creating characters, telling new stories, and combining language and art. Basic painting, drawing, and collage techniques are taught, and a variety of two-dimensional art pieces created. This workshop is designed for ages 3.5-5 and runs July 16-19, 9 am to noon.

“Hands On Art History” discusses various artistic styles in painting throughout history and contemporary times. Young artists will experiment with a range of painting and drawing materials, mark-making tools, and paint application in a series of skill-building exercises and final projects. The workshop is available June 25-28, 9 am to noon, for ages 6-8.

The July program, “Fundamentals of Screen Printing,” teaches students the basics of screen printing on paper. From start to finish, participants will generate ideas, plan their composition, map out color separations, master stencil and hand drawn techniques, and squeegee ink through silkscreens to create original prints and posters. The workshop is available for ages 9-12 and runs July 2-6, 9 am to noon, with no class July 4.

For a full list of offerings and to register for workshops visit or 920.868.3455.

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