PenArt’s ‘What We Make’ Spotlights Work of Community Members

Stepping into the What We Make: Community Showcase exhibit at the Peninsula School of Art’s Guenzel Gallery is perhaps the quickest way to know the who, what and why of the school. 

On one wall hangs a couple of large paintings by renowned Door County painter Craig Bleitz. While looking at his paintings, out of the corner of your eye, you might catch a glimpse of a sculpture by a Gibraltar high schooler. There’s no theme that runs throughout the exhibit, but rather, a place that ties all of the artists and their artworks together: the Peninsula School of Art (PenArt,

“If the Shoe Fits…” sculpture by Theo Goode and Noah Greene. Photo by Len Villano.

The What We Make exhibit highlights all the ways in which PenArt engages with the art community and the many audiences it reaches and serves. For inclusion, all participating artists must have participated in at least one of PenArt’s open studios, teen workshops, critique groups and/or Family Art Day programs since September 2019, so there are numerous ages and skill levels represented. 

That’s the beauty of this exhibit: seeing the work of master artists displayed next to that of novices, which serves as a reminder of how much abilities can grow in a supportive community.

What We Make will be on display through March 28. 

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