Peninsula Players Offer Backstage Tours

Erica Elam and McKinley Carter perform in Peninsula Players thriller, “Panic.”

In conjunction with its celebratory 75th season, the Peninsula Players will offer public tours of its stage house and all-weather audience pavilion. Free backstage tours will begin at 2 pm on Sunday, Oct. 10.

“Patrons have the rare opportunity to go backstage and glimpse into the life of an actor by visiting the dressing rooms and set of Panic,” said Audra Baakari Boyle, Players’ business manager. “In addition to learning the history of Peninsula Players, guests may view and walk the Paris hotel suite where Joseph Goodrich’s thriller is set. Being on stage is a very different experience than seeing a show from a seat in the audience.”

While Peninsula Players rebuilt their stage house and audience pavilion in 2006, they has been performing along the shores of Green Bay since 1937 when the Fisher Family moved its theatrics to the Wild Wood Camp for Boys.

“Patrons are curious about the Players’ history and what goes on behind-the-scenes,” said Baakari Boyle. “As part of our mission, we want to educate the public on the working life of a theater and give them an opportunity to see our work environment; hence, the backstage tours.”

For more information or to reserve a spot on a backstage tour, call 920.868.3287.