Peninsula Preschool Teacher Quoted in New Book

Leslie Leline, teacher at Peninsula Preschool in Ephraim, was quoted in a newly released book about kindness, Beyond Nice: 149 Ideas to Nurture Kindness in Young Children by Stuart Stotts. It is a book for teachers and parents about giving children the tools to understand and exhibit kindness.

At Peninsula Preschool, Leline teaches children to respect themselves and each other. Respect, compassion and kindness are woven into the environment and all the activities. She was a natural fit for Stotts’ book. There are many ideas she uses in the classroom scattered throughout the book as well as the two times he points out particular teaching techniques she uses.

Stotts, musician, songwriter and author, met Leline when she was speaking at an early childhood conference. Two years later, Stotts came to Gibraltar Area Schools as an artist in residence and the two reconnected. Stotts learned more about Leline’s teaching philosophies and asked if he could interview her for his new book.

Beyond Nice is the result of Stotts’ many interviews and his own experiences in the classroom. It’s a wonderful book and Leline is delighted to be a part of it, and recommends it to anyone who works with children. Beyond Nice is available on For more information about Peninsula Preschool visit

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