Peninsula Preschoolers Embrace the Outdoors at The Ridges

Peninsula Preschool and The Ridges Sanctuary formed a partnership in 2017 where the 4-year-old preschoolers attend school at The Ridges one day per week. In the recent weeks, the kids have embraced learning outdoors in the snow. Extended time for outside play included opportunities for snowshoeing, fort building, tracking animals, searching for chickadees and walking in new snow through the boreal forest.

Teachers Rylee Johnson, Stephanie LaHaye and Sheryl Honig build student success in the new and challenging terrain of bumpy ground, deep snow and clumsy snowshoes. Johnson, in her second year at the preschool, said, “The children get to be brave and fall down and get up and run and pretend. They take charge of leading each other through the woods and learning how to follow trail markers. They create challenges for themselves about going farther and being silent long enough to see the birds.”

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