Peninsula Pride Farms Funds Clean Water Projects

Peninsula Pride Farms announced on Sept. 7 that it has developed a program called Water Well to help ensure that rural residents at risk of getting sick from E. coli, no matter the source, get clean water now and have a means for longer-term protection. Among key aspects of the program, the group will pay for bottled water and a well inspection for homeowners, help cover the costs for a water treatment system if it’s necessary, and pay for servicing the system. “As farmers and members of this community, safe, clean drinking water is important to our neighbors and our families,” said Don Niles, president of the nonprofit Peninsula Pride Farms. “This is an important step in providing immediate help to people who need it.” Niles said Water Well be funded by three sources: Peninsula Pride Farms member dues, support from businesses and a state grant issued to the group at its start. Among the businesses are Nicolet Bank, HSHS Prevea and Breakthrough Fuels.

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