Peninsula Pulse Staff Photo Poll

What was the most surprising thing of 2011 to you?

“Still no hoverboards…” ~ Nik Garvoille, Art Director

“I was surprised my over organization paid off this spring when my son was born seven weeks early and my wonderful co-workers finished the summer music preview in my absence, as I had intended!” ~ Angela Sherman, Events Calendar Manager

“That aunthood is the most amazing, wonderful thing in the whole wide world. And no one quite embraced the skinny jeans craze like I did.” ~ Sally Slattery, Lit & Copy Editor

“That network media was so befuddled that people were protesting Wall Street.” ~ Myles Dannhausen Jr., News Editor

“The continuing diminishment of intelligence across the planet.” ~ Steve Grutzmacher, Sales Manager

“That vacations are such food for the soul – oh, and that macaws like to eat sunglasses and buttons.” ~ Allison Vroman, Editor

“The surprise I felt watching Wyatt (my 3 year old son) munching down Spirulina tablets like candy, with a big green toothy smile! For those of you who don’t what this is, it’s seaweed and it kinda tastes like dirt! Go Wyatt!” ~ Jess Farley, Sales Manager

“That my social life has been reduced to hanging out with my cats, trips to Milwaukee, and a weekly game of volleyball.” ~ Madeline Johnson, Co-owner