Peninsula Pulse to Publish Weekly in 2014

Dear Readers,

The owners and staff of the Peninsula Pulse are elated to announce that starting in January 2014 we will publish weekly year round.

As many of you are aware the Pulse has incrementally added issues each year since we began as a seasonal, once-every-two-weeks publication in 1996. For the last several years, we have printed weekly from May through October and reverted to a bi-weekly schedule during the winter and spring months.

But, just as we have grown over the years, so too has Door County – and a lot happens in two weeks. Becoming weekly year round will allow us to deliver more of the current and comprehensive information that you, our readers, have come to depend on.

We have long recognized that our desire to provide a relevant year-round publication in a constantly changing media environment can only be achieved through partnership with a reader base that values the role of a locally owned – and locally grown – newspaper in a community such as ours. With this in mind, please accept our immense and heartfelt thanks along with this announcement. We pledge to honor the loyalty and support you have shown us over the years as we journey down this next path.

As always, please share your questions, input and feedback with us by emailing [email protected] or calling 920.839.2121. We would love to hear from you.


Madeline Harrison, Co-Owner and Editor-in-Chief, and David Eliot, Co-Owner and Publisher