Perspective: Looking Back to Find Our Way Forward

The sun is coming up again today. I know it always does, but at this time of year it is not always visible. The sun is often clouded over, leaving us with long, gray days. It helps, during these rather tumultuous times, to see those rays of light shine through the barren branches. 

We are all talking about the hope we have for 2021 and how challenging 2020 was. We tend to look at the world and start counting all the things we lost, all the things we did not get to do and all the things we do not have. We all have our lists. It is easy to focus on the negatives.

Door County has its fair share of challenges, and 2020 was full of them. Last year, however, also had its fair share of accomplishments. They are hidden behind the cloud of COVID-19, protests, masks and aggravation, but there are still many stories that shine through as successes and as evidence of our community navigating its way through and around a pandemic. 

In reviewing the last year through the pages of the Peninsula Pulse, it is easy to see that there were so many stories about our Door County community overcoming adversity. We showed our true colors, faced a major crisis head on and looked for ways to move forward together. As our community has done so many times before, we worked together for the betterment of the greater good. We will not always agree with one another. We will debate and argue. We will get frustrated. We will, however, put our differences aside when one of us is in need. We have and will help each other through.

The new year will have its own set of challenges. We have some ideas about what they will be, but so much is unknown. What we do know is that this place, this community, will prepare itself as best it can, and it will be able to handle whatever the world decides to throw at us next. We know that there will be gray, overcast days, but we also know that the sun will shine through. We are Door County.