FROM THE EDITOR: In Pursuit of Better Conversations

At the Peninsula Pulse, we have long prided ourselves on being a forum for community members to talk to each other, and maybe more importantly, to listen to each other. Though we will not agree on all issues, we aim each week to provide a paper that discusses them civilly, respectfully and always with an eye toward moving the conversation forward.

Last week we failed in this mission. We published a letter that included a litany of name-calling, unproven allegations and flat-out falsehoods directed at local representatives Joel Kitchens and André Jacque. It should not have happened, and we apologize to Rep. Kitchens and Sen. Jacque, but also to our readers. Especially in these times, we must be better than that. 

It is vital that this publication gives our community a voice, and that we provide a diverse forum to discuss the issues that impact our lives and the future of our community. But it’s even more vital that this forum be one that talks to everyone and does not become a podium for the loudest among us to air grievances and shout at each other. 

Moving forward, we assure you that our editorial page will not be a forum for name-calling, unsupported allegations or perpetual back-and-forth between letter writers (we urge you to get a cup of coffee together instead). Those who don’t adhere to these simple guidelines will not have a place on our pages. 

We urge you to write, share your opinions, thank your neighbors or make us laugh, and when it comes to politics, listen to each other and have a conversation. Thank you for reading the Pulse.

Myles Dannhausen Jr., Owner/Editor