• Door County Environmental Council Column

    The problem? The nasty chemical bisphenol A (BPA).

  • Coordinated Community Response Column

    Domestic abuse affects many aspects of society, including custody and placement cases involving children. The law allows courts to consider custody and placement in a number of types of legal actions, including divorce or cases in which parents have never married.

  • Jon Paul’s Maritime Diaries

    The Wisconsin Underwater Archaeological Association (WUAA) was back in Baileys Harbor recently surveying the many wrecks that lay between the old lighthouse and the Baileys Harbor Yacht Club.

  • Salut from Senegal

    Mariama, my rambunctious four-year-old host sister, finally falls asleep outside beneath a blanket of Senegalese stars, curled up closely to her mother who rubs her back as she drifts in and out of dreams.

  • Door To Nature

    One of the most brilliant weedy wildflowers to decorate roadside ditches, waste areas and open woodlands, Dame’s Rocket, tall and stately, is now in bloom and virtually draws music from the earth with its striking and eye-catching white to mostly lavender-purple petals.

  • “Startling”

    In announcing the closure of General Motors Corporation’s Janesville assembly plant June 3, Tony Clarke, President of GM North America called the decline in SUV sales “startling.
    I almost threw up.

  • Legally Speaking

    In this period of graduation parties and summer parties for recent graduates and current high schoolers, parents permitting underage persons to drink alcohol face significant risks.

  • Guerrilla Gardening

    “The problem with people who have no vices is that generally you can be pretty sure they’re going to have some pretty annoying virtues.” – Elizabeth Taylor

  • Why Is It…?

    “Why Is It…?” was designed by Dr. Steiner to address readers’ questions about human behavior from a social psychological perspective in order to inform and stimulate dialogue about the ways in which our thoughts, feelings and behaviors are influenced by the presence of other people.

  • Door County Humane Society Featured Pet

    Found as a tiny newborn in Liberty Grove, MARIE is now a lively 12-week-old kitten at the Door County Humane Society. She was hand-fed so loves attention from people.

  • Door County Environmental Council Column

    The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources held public hearings during the month of April to limit mercury air emissions from coal-fired electric generating units in Wisconsin.

  • Culture Club – Peninsula Arts and Humanities Alliance

    Joyce Morehouse, Managing Director of Island Players, nurtured an idea for a long time. Back in the mid ‘90s, when she was director of the Cranbrook Theatre Summer School in Birmingham, Michigan, she oversaw a production of the musical, Oliver, and when she retired from a career teaching high school English in 2000 and moved to Washington Island as a permanent resident, she was well aware of the trove of musical talent, beginning with the very young, on the island.

  • Manners Matter

    Dear Mary Pat, Is there any way to uninvite someone to your wedding? Chances are good that the “friend” in question probably will think of an excuse to avoid coming to my wedding after a falling out we had this week, but with the wedding only weeks away, I am afraid she and her husband will attend after all.

  • An Outlook

    Steve digs deeper into spam than anyone else would.

  • Door to Nature

    Shorelines and harbors wouldn’t be complete throughout much of the year without the sociable seagulls. Roy Lukes said despite their reputation, their overall positive influence and value to shoreline ecosystems remains very high.

  • Siberian Sabbatical

    The 3rd of June marks the 274th day, or my ninth month, living in Siberia. I am still digesting the fact that in a little under two months I will be stepping on a plane to go home.

  • Jon Paul’s Maritime Diaries

    Part I of the Cora A. left off with the schooner when she was caught in a squall off Manitowoc in mid-November 1908 and broke her main boom.

  • Culture Club – Peninsula Arts & Humanities Alliance

    In the late summer afternoon, an audience of blue stackable chairs lines up in rows in Birch Creek’s 100-year-old performance barn, waiting for evening when they will be filled with concertgoers.

  • Guerrilla Gardening

    Sustainable is all about legacy. What ‘cha got? What’s gonna be left? Not only what’s left for the next generation, but also what’s left from your generation? Conserve valuable resources now, for the future.

  • Why Is It…?

    Dr. Steiner answers your questions about human behavior.