Category: Perspectives

  • An Outlook

    My mother celebrated her 75th birthday on July 16. Most of you know that I have been writing this column for a long time and, not surprisingly, my mother and her exploits have often provided my subject material. So, in honor of her 75 years on this planet I am re-presenting one of her favorite columns.

  • Manners Matter

    Dear Mary Pat, My wife and I went out to dinner and were told that our wait would be 30 minutes for a table, when in fact it turned out to be an hour and 25 minutes. I was starting to get a little frustrated, and the hostess did not seem to think the wait […]

  • Culture Club – Peninsula Arts and Humanities Alliance

    This October will mark the fifth year of work renovating the tug John Purves, and beginning this August, the Door County Maritime Museum will open the tug to tours.

  • Under the Hood – You and Your Car

    As you are making your summer trip preparations, I thought it would be a good time to talk about having your vehicle prepared. Whether we are talking about going for an in-state trip, or going off to the other side of the country, your vehicle needs to be safe and reliable.

  • An Outlook

    Through my years in the bookstore here on the peninsula many memorable customers have come through my door. And this past week, a customer – who I didn’t wait on – called to mind two of the more memorable.

  • Siberian Sabbatical

    I have a little less than three weeks left in my exchange program. Very soon I will be back sleeping in my own bed, eating regular cottage cheese, lunch meat, and rice cakes – some of the foods I have been craving for the last seven months.

  • Door to Nature

    There is a familiar plant, avoided by most large animals as well as people, soon to begin blooming throughout much of the world. The mere mention of the word THISTLE brings about a look of disdain, perhaps reminding you of an unfortunate experience of being badly “impaled” and may be a good reason to change the subject.

  • Legally Speaking

    Creating an estate plan requires you to make many decisions. In addition to decisions about the distribution of your property, you will need to choose a person or entity to act as Personal Representative of your estate.

  • Why Is It…?

    Why is it…that people pursue careers that don’t really interest them?

  • Visitor Bureau Works to Unite, Expand Marketing Efforts

    The Door County Visitors Bureau (DCVB) has completed two phases of a county “visitor centers” project, part of a three-legged plan to create a visitor information network.

  • Door County Humane Society Featured Pet

    Our hide-and-seeker is Roxanne, a calm female gray tabby cat. Roxanne is one to two years old, coming into the shelter as a stray from Forestville. She’s a wonderful young cat who promises to keep your lap warm and watch the Olympics with you.

  • Door County Environmental Council Column

    The problem? The nasty chemical bisphenol A (BPA).

  • Coordinated Community Response Column

    Domestic abuse affects many aspects of society, including custody and placement cases involving children. The law allows courts to consider custody and placement in a number of types of legal actions, including divorce or cases in which parents have never married.

  • Jon Paul’s Maritime Diaries

    The Wisconsin Underwater Archaeological Association (WUAA) was back in Baileys Harbor recently surveying the many wrecks that lay between the old lighthouse and the Baileys Harbor Yacht Club.

  • Salut from Senegal

    Mariama, my rambunctious four-year-old host sister, finally falls asleep outside beneath a blanket of Senegalese stars, curled up closely to her mother who rubs her back as she drifts in and out of dreams.

  • Door To Nature

    One of the most brilliant weedy wildflowers to decorate roadside ditches, waste areas and open woodlands, Dame’s Rocket, tall and stately, is now in bloom and virtually draws music from the earth with its striking and eye-catching white to mostly lavender-purple petals.

  • “Startling”

    In announcing the closure of General Motors Corporation’s Janesville assembly plant June 3, Tony Clarke, President of GM North America called the decline in SUV sales “startling.
    I almost threw up.

  • Legally Speaking

    In this period of graduation parties and summer parties for recent graduates and current high schoolers, parents permitting underage persons to drink alcohol face significant risks.

  • Guerrilla Gardening

    “The problem with people who have no vices is that generally you can be pretty sure they’re going to have some pretty annoying virtues.” – Elizabeth Taylor