• What Miss Door County Means to Me

    by Ashton Spritka, Miss Door County 2019 My involvement in the Miss Door County Scholarship Program began when my sisters became involved in the princess program. After seeing the impact that the women had on my sisters, I decided to compete for the title of Miss Door County’s Outstanding Teen 2015.  That year I was […]

  • By the Numbers: Fall Fest 2019

    Numbers provided by the Sister Bay Advancement Association 2,000  Number of people who rode Fall Fest shuttles in Sister Bay and Baileys Harbor 12,000 Number of ID wristbands given out 4,500 Number of ping-pong balls used for the ping-pong-ball drop 834,000 Gallons of water used by the Sister Bay water plant during Fall Fest weekend […]

  • By the Numbers: Veterans Day

    11-11-1918 President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed that day as the first commemoration of Armistice Day, following the end of World War I, with the following words: “To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for […]

  • How the Poppy Came to Symbolize Fallen Soldiers

    It began with an anonymous poem titled “In Flanders Fields” that appeared in the weekly British satirical magazine Punch on Dec. 8, 1915. The poem’s author was actually a Canadian doctor, Lt. Col. John McCrae, who served as a brigade surgeon for an Allied artillery unit. He spotted a cluster of poppies shortly after the […]

  • The Not-So-Obvious Aspect of Celebrating Water

    by Bret Bicoy, President and CEO, Door County Community Foundation More than 20 years ago, when I was still a young man who knew everything, I was working for a foundation in a bigger city when we decided to make an investment in a parent-education program. There had been several public instances of frustrated parents […]

  • By the Numbers: Air Pollution

    24.2 Percentage of decline in air pollution in the United States from 2009 to 2016 5.5 Percentage of increase in air pollution in the United States since 2016 9,700 Number of premature deaths in 2018 associated with that air-pollution increase $89 billion Damages represented by those deaths Source: National Bureau of Economic Research

  • For the Back 40 Mine, Local Concern Is a Matter of Distance

    by Ryan Heise, Village Administrator, Egg Harbor  At some point during the summer bustle, I had the occasion to speak with an agitated gentleman who owns a home on the waters of Green Bay in Egg Harbor. He was concerned about air cannons blasting continually on Hat Island across from his home. I envisioned him […]

  • By the Numbers: World Series Draughts

    7 Number of Major League Baseball teams that have never won a World Series, including the Milwaukee Brewers. (At press time, one of those seven, the Washington Nationals, had just forced a game 7 against the Houston Astros.) 71 Seasons, the longest drought without a World Series title, by the Cleveland Indians. The Brewers franchise […]

  • By the Numbers: Teen Driving

    Statistics have shown for years that teen drivers are involved in a disproportionate number of car crashes, so the Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) urges parents and teens to be cautious on the road. DMV officials say that inexperience is the obvious factor and that teen drivers need time to learn about the various […]

  • By the Numbers

    400,000 Estimated number of people who have died from overdoses of legal and illegal opioids since 1999 $18 billion Value of the settlement agreement that’s in the works between three drug distributors – McKesson Corporation, AmerisourceBergen Corporation and Cardinal Health – and state and local governments for the companies’ roles in fueling the opioid crisis.  […]

  • In Search of Civility

    What to Do about a Condo Neighbor Who Sends Really Nasty Emails by the Door County Civility Project Q: We have a condo neighbor who delights in sending really nasty emails to the board. Rather than stooping to her level to respond, I’d like to recommend a book on civility to her. Do you have […]

  • A Simple Beginning: Listen without Prejudice, Respond with Thoughtfulness

    Commentary For Jews around the world, the 10 days beginning with Rosh Hashanah, our new year; and concluding with Yom Kippur, our day of fasting and mindfulness, are the most sacred of our holidays. The High Holy Days, as we refer to this time in our lunar calendar year, occur sometime in the fall. Although […]

  • By the Numbers: Pedestrian Safety

    Compiled by Myles Dannhausen [email protected] “For drivers, roads are as safe as they have ever been; for people on foot, roads keep getting deadlier.”  — Peter C. Baker 41 Percent more pedestrians killed on American roads in 2018 than in 2008 777 Number of cyclists killed on American roads in 2017, a 25 percent increase […]

  • By the Numbers: Maternal Mortality in the U.S.

    50,000 Number of women severely injured while giving birth each year 700 Number of women who die during childbirth or as a result of complications of pregnancy each year 50  Percentage of those deaths that are considered preventable 1 Rank of the United States among the most dangerous places to have a child among developed […]

  • Remembering the Birth of the Women’s Fund

    The Women’s Fund of Door County is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and I thought it would be interesting to reflect on how it began. It was February 2008 when Jane Stevenson and I were dreaming up ideas about how the Door County Community Foundation could make our community stronger. Just a few months […]

  • ‘It’s the Way You Ride That Trail That Counts

    by Dale Goodner Leonard Slye was only 19 years old, and a high school dropout, when the Great Depression hit in 1929. Among various odd jobs, he tried to make a few bucks as a “singing cowboy.” After some not-so-successful attempts, in 1933, Slye – along with Tim Spencer and Bob Nolan – formed what they […]

  • By the Numbers: Great Lakes Shipping

    13 The number of U.S.-flag vessel operators that belong to the Lake Carriers’ Association on the Great Lakes. That is also the number of 1,000-foot cargo carriers plying the Great Lakes. 63 The number of commercial ports on the Great Lakes. 607 The number of miles a Great Lakes freighter can carry one ton of […]

  • Seeking Inclusion

    by Orlaine I. Gabert, Door County Civility Project I’ve always been an avid reader. While preferring fiction, I’ve also felt that reading stories about people’s lives helped me – as a counselor – to learn about other life experiences and better understand the reasons why people made the choices that they did. I became more open, tolerant […]

  • By the Numbers: Friday the 13th

    Greeks feel Tuesday the 13th is unlucky. Italians consider Friday the 17th an unlucky day. But in America and some other European countries, it’s Friday the 13th that causes anxiety for some superstitious folks who may be suffering from triskaidekaphobia (the irrational fear of the number 13). The day has spawned a slasher-film franchise that […]

  • Revisiting Predictions about Charitable Giving

    by Bret Bicoy, President and CEO, Door County Community Foundation Political prognosticators love to make extreme claims on how a new policy will affect the future, then conveniently forget their predictions when the doom they imagined never arrives. In an effort to avoid being lumped in with those gasbags, I thought it would be intellectually […]