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  • Letter to the Editor: Always Check Your RX

    I reordered my three-month supply of a maintenance drug through the automatic voice mail system of a national pharmacy located in Sturgeon Bay. I picked up the prescription the next day. I had a conversation with the clerk explaining I did not need to talk to the pharmacist as I was quite familiar with the […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Do We No Longer Teach Civics in High School?

    The interview with Yana Zenefski was quite uplifting (“The Unsilencing of Yana Senefski,” Jan. 5 Peninsula Pulse). Ms Zenefski’s civic involvement is an inspiration, irrespective of her political persuasion.  What matters is that she gets up off the couch, puts her e-device aside, and not only does something but leads others in her efforts – […]

  • Editor’s Note: ‘Authentic’ Was On People’s Minds in 2023

    The manic month of December is done. We’ve given and received the gifts and good cheer and awakened to a new year.  The Twelve Days of Christmas start on Christmas Day and end Jan. 5, also known as Twelfth Night and, for early Christians, the Eve of the Epiphany. Whatever you call it, it’s time […]

  • Letter to the Editor: A Vote for Reetz

    I retired from a 26-year career in federal and local law enforcement to Door County for the same reason so many come here – for scenery, safety and security. We are seeing a concerning trend involving repeat offenders in Door County who get arrested or cited numerous times for the same offenses.  Talk to the […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Better Than Most

    Exactly what is better than ‘most’?  Best! Best is better than most!  Not as in ‘be best’ (a competitive attitude), or being told something is best when it obviously isn’t, but as in ‘be your best,’ not only for yourself, but be your best for others! Why don’t we, for example, provide best Customer Service? […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Playing Fair is a Basic Principle

    Playing fair is a basic principle of our free and independent American nation. I believe that all of us, whatever our politics or religion, know that playing fair is the right thing to do.   It is not honorable or acceptable to put your thumb on the scale, or to stack the card deck, or to […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Thank Goodness for Elections

    Did northeast Wisconsin voters really elect Mike Gallagher for his vote to shut down the federal government, and to keep crooked George Santos in office? Was he elected to vote against funding Wisconsin infrastructure improvements, to write lengthy articles on China, and investigate President Biden without producing any shred of evidence? Or, was he elected […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Elect Moderates, Not Extremists

    In America, most of us lived well this past Christmas. We are not hungry, we have running water, we have a warm place to lie down, we are safe. It all feels good, until we read the news. The political season is painfully everywhere – we hear fascist comments about our blood being poisoned by […]

  • Letter to the Editor: The Problem with AI in the Arts

    As an artist I appreciate the Peninsula Pulse article on artificial intelligence in the creative arts [“Local Artists Weigh In on AI Art,” Dec. 29]. While the responses of the artists and gallery owners was mostly approval or benign acceptance, a major objection was never mentioned.  The reporter, Sam Watson, shared that it only took […]

  • PULSE OF PHILANTHROPY: Our Most Important Resolution

    Eat healthier. Exercise more. Lose weight. Stop smoking. These are the most common resolutions people will make as we begin another trip around the sun. Yet if the purpose of a New Year’s resolution is to commit ourselves to a behavior that will improve our quality of life, we’re ignoring the one strategy that has […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Let Freedom Ring

    I have always revered President Roosevelt’s freedom speech of Jan. 6, 1941 where he identified the Four Freedoms – freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear. Recent declarations by candidates running for elected office threaten to take away our freedoms. •Freedom to vote and have it count (ie no […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Racism in Wisconsin

    In the 2023 ranking of the most racist states in the U.S., Wisconsin once again came in first. It wasn’t close. Wisconsin scored 11 points lower than the second worst state (only the District of Columbia had a lower score than Wisconsin).  In another analysis, states were ranked on a state’s progress on delivering […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Control the Spread of Invasives

    I’d like to thank the Door County Highway Department and the employees that cut the brush along Highway 57 between Baileys Harbor and Sister Bay. Traveling that section of highway weekly for almost 40 years, I have watched the saplings, bushes and brush multiply, obstructing views when pulling out at intersections, limiting the visibility, and […]

  • Letter to the Editor: War and Anti-Semitism

    Due to his efforts to permanently rid Israel of the terrorist organization Hamas, Benjamin Netanyahu may have unwittingly and ironically become the largest cause in the recent swell of anti-semitism. If the premise upon which this surge is based is that most Jews support the war efforts of the Prime Minister, I am confident that […]

  • Letter to the Editor: The Passionate Attachment

    In his Farewell Address, George Washington admonished his fellow citizens to steer clear of a “passionate attachment” to another nation, as such could create “the illusion of common interest…where no common interest exists.” George and Douglas Balls’ The Passionate Attachment (1992) traces the events that brought the US into a relationship unique in its history, […]

  • Editor’s Note: Postal Woes

    Complaints have been coming into our office about issues of the Peninsula Pulse arriving late in mailboxes, or not at all. This predates the holiday package crush, so we can’t blame that.  We deliver the papers to the local post offices and they are responsible for delivering them to all mailboxes in Door County. If […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Policy Choices

    During the holiday season many of us tend to spend more time thinking about our neighbors, community and people living all around the world; that’s a good thing. Apparently though, it is difficult to sustain such a level of concern, and passion throughout the year. Poverty and its bedfellows – hunger, disease – as well […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Fair Maps and New Congressional Leader Needed

    Important votes by our Congressman, Mike Gallagher, highlight how gerrymandered congressional districts are those in which the incumbent has no fear of losing re-election. Gerrymandering strips voters of their role in holding elected officials accountable. Instead of being accountable to the voters, Rep. Gallagher and others in safe, gerrymandered seats are accountable only to their […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Congressional Grinches Take Christmas from American Families

    In this special season of the year, many of us think with pleasure of the holidays and delight in our children and grandchildren. We love baking cookies, hanging stockings by the chimney with care. The excitement of Santa visiting every house in the world on Christmas Eve to bring joy to the hearts of children […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Love Thy Neighbor Has No “Except” After It

    In this most holy season as we gather with family and friends, we have much to be thankful for because of where we live. Along with wars raging on different continents we have different types of conflicts here at home. There are people that are trying to divide us, to teach us how to hate […]