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  • Legal Brief: The Power of the Prosecutor

    by JOAN KORB, [email protected] Along with calls for police reform have come calls for curtailing the power of prosecutors, often acknowledged as the most powerful party in the criminal justice system.  District attorneys, who are constitutional officers elected to serve four-year terms, have mostly unfettered discretion in deciding whom to charge, what to charge and […]

  • Remembering Bo

    Editor’s Note: This article appears in the Autumn edition of Door County Living magazine, on newsstands now. I wrote about him through tears, yet I was feeling nothing close to the full weight of the sadness Bo Johnson’s struggle evoked.  I knew him only as his coach at summer basketball camps and as a friend […]

  • Don’t Be a Writer Who Isn’t Read

    Test your development and gain experience by entering the Hal Prize There was a time in my life when I had no doubt what I would “be” when I grew up. I majored in English as an undergrad, went on for an M.F.A. in creative writing. I spent a good decade of my life mostly […]

  • Pulse of Philanthropy: Redefining Love in Door County

    by BRET BICOY, President and CEO, Door County Community Foundation Central to my father’s definition of love was presence. He was an Army veteran who experienced the burden of command during World War II and Korea. My father trained himself to bury his feelings so the horrors he encountered would not distract him from accomplishing […]

  • Editor’s Note: A Labor Day Reflection on Quiet Quitting

    A needful nod to the Labor Day weekend that’s upon us, a time that feels like a slamming shut of summer for some. Not for those, perhaps, who live here. It’s still warm, still sunny, and the beaches, restaurants and shops remain open, even while the kids are back in school.  We spend the first […]

  • Tourism and the Visitor Economy: Visitor Economy Is Alive and Well in Door County

    by JULIE GILBERT, President and CEO, Destination Door County The “visitor economy.” What does that really mean? It is meeting the expectations of our visitors, ensuring that we are maintaining our communities’ core values and sustaining all that we hold near and dear.  The core concept of the visitor economy is the economic impact of […]

  • Community Voices: Accepting Help Is an Acquired Skill

    by MICHAEL BRECKE On June 20 at 8:05 am, I was jogging/running/walking just north of the Ephraim entrance to Peninsula State Park. I had started down the hill and was wrapped in a daydream when I began to move too fast down the steep grade.  My mind at age 75 reverted to my mind at […]

  • Editor’s Note: Model the Cyber Interactions and Civic Engagement We Want Our Kids to Use

    I attended a panel of school resource officers this week that Chief Deputy Pat McCarty with the Door County Sheriff’s Office convened for a story our new reporter, Sam Watson, is working on. When the conversation turned to bullying, we heard the biggest challenge at local schools is cyberbullying.  This comes as a surprise to […]

  • Pulse of Philanthropy: It’s Not about the Tax Deduction

    by BRET BICOY, President and CEO, Door County Community Foundation During a recent drive to visit one of our children, my wife and I found ourselves scanning the radio to find something interesting to pass the time. Although I’m not normally a fan of talk radio, we stumbled upon a program that piqued my interest. […]

  • Perspective: Big Tech Is Trying to Cancel Local News

    Contact your congressional leaders about the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act by DAVID CHAVERN Facebook and Google have become the de facto regulators of news and speech, deciding what content people see and when they see it. Their dominating control over how we communicate has serious implications for freedom of the press and our broader […]

  • Editor’s Note: How Reading Murakami Can Make Us Better Humans

    I have a lifelong habit of reading before I turn out the light at night. Whether I read for 10 minutes or an hour, it must happen. In this way, I go through a surprising number of books.  Often I read nonfiction, but at times, I’ll read a handful of novels in a row. I […]

  • PULSE OF TOURISM: Exchange Students Help Fill Worker Gap

    We are so fortunate to live in Door County, with so many events and opportunities to experience arts, culture, history and recreational activities, along with enjoying our unique restaurants, breweries, wineries and shopping. Our visitor-center team has been busy welcoming visitors and providing the information and support they need to make the most of those […]

  • Editor’s Note: Fireworks Fan? Not Here.

    And, for the record, personal-use fireworks require a permit  Spoiler alert: This is a killjoy column if you’re a fireworks fan.  But this story begins, for some context, in Alaska. Through daily text contact with my sister who lives in Fairbanks, I remain up-to-date on her year-round weather conditions. For all its beauty, the state […]

  • Legal Brief: Wisconsin’s Law on Abortion and What Comes Next

    by JOAN KORB, [email protected] By overturning Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court has plunged Wisconsin back into the pre–Civil War era, when abortion was illegal, and in half the country, enslavement was legal.  States are now on their own following the high court’s June 24 decision, and the law on the books in Wisconsin […]

  • Pulse of Philanthropy: Enriching Ourselves through Giving

    by BRET BICOY, President and CEO, Door County Community Foundation The whole business model of banking is that when you send money out, you’re supposed to bring even more money back in. A loss is precisely what the banker is trying to avoid. Thus, it’s a bit ironic that the Door County Community Foundation has […]

  • Editor’s Note: What Is Door County?

    “That just isn’t Door County.” If you attend enough meetings, or just spend a morning tucked into a cozy corner of a coffee shop and eavesdrop on chitchat for long enough, you’ll hear someone say it. But if you get brave and butt into the conversation to ask what is Door County, you’ll be hard […]

  • Editor’s Note: How Can the First Day of Summer Also Be Midsummer’s Day?

    I awoke at 4 am on June 21 thinking the moon was full. I cured my moon ignorance about a decade ago. I would have known it was a waning, last-quarter moon had I not awoken so suddenly and been so disoriented. I climbed from bed, drawn downstairs and out the door by an uncommon […]

  • Know Your Legal Rights: Selling or Buying a Home?

    Make sure your legal bases are covered by KEVIN TROST, Founding Attorney, Trost LLC, Madison Perhaps it was an accidental mistake, or perhaps it was an intentional deception. Either way, undisclosed defects are discovered in residential real estate sales more often than you would expect.  Such undisclosed defects could be something as mundane as a […]

  • Editor’s Note: Enabling Mobility: Dads and Bike Donations

    It’s cliché, but one of my favorite memories is the day my dad took the training wheels off my bike. The bike is blurry – banana seat, pink streamers hanging out of the handles – but I remember the exhilaration as if it were yesterday.  Once the training wheels were off, I was slightly afraid […]

  • Guest Column: Never Forgotten Honor Flight Was the ‘Trip of a Lifetime’

    And I was just there to welcome Russ by JOHN MIELKE, Special to the Peninsula Pulse It had been more than two years since my cousin Russ Schroeder, who now lives near Park Falls, Wisconsin, told me he would be part of a Never Forgotten Honor Flight. To be perfectly honest, I had forgotten. The […]