• Letter to the Editor: To the Person Who Stole My Propane Tank

    This is just for the person who went in my backyard and stole the propane tank I just got filled for my grill. I am a 62-year-old crippled man living on a fixed income, not always making it month to month. I have peripheral neuropathy (nerve palsy), which makes it hard to walk. I can […]

  • Letter to the Editor:

    Museums and Monuments Serve Different Purposes Debra Fitzgerald’s June 19, 2020, Editor’s Note confused two issues that merit clarification. I agree that we can’t change the country’s racist history, and “dogged persistence in prying them out [is] required to effect long-lasting and meaningful change.” However, I support the removal of offensive, painful reminders of that […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Removing Monuments Moves Us Forward

    The Editor’s Note in last week’s Perspectives lacked a certain “dogged persistence” into “prying out” how these monuments have always been and still remain symbols of white supremacy. It isn’t simply a historical case of “It was.” The racism and oppression that these monuments symbolize is an “It is.”  The people who are calling for […]

  • Letter to the Editor: ‘Just Suppose …’

    It’s June 19, and my wife and I are on high alert. Why? We have family in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who live, work and own businesses not far from the places where politically charged events are scheduled today and tomorrow. My daughter there tells me that I am lucky to be safe and in the “cheap […]

  • Pulse of Philanthropy: Lessons for Nonprofits from 50,000 Wills

    People’s reluctance to talk openly about their charitable giving has always frustrated me. Most folks will excitedly share stories about their beautiful new sailboat or the vacation they took to some exotic, far-away land. Yet when it comes to the charities we support, we tend to be far more hesitant to share.  I’ve always found […]

  • Editor’s Note: Thanks for the Debate

    I wrote a column a couple of weeks ago about the destruction of monuments, statues, flags and bronzed figures. It apparently caused a few people to think about where they stood on the issue. Some wrote down their thoughts. These came to me directly in the form of emails and texts not intended for publication. […]

  • Editor’s Note: Maybe It Should Be Easier to Move to Paradise

    The first time I moved to Door County 21 years ago, it felt a whole lot simpler. We were still smarter than our cell phones back then, and they were too chunky to carry around anyway, so a great cell signal wasn’t a necessity. In that world where clouds existed only in the sky, and […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Higher Callings Continue

    Although I’m normally a comfortable observer of cultural and political world events, the current media narrative on race and law-enforcement relations has driven my entry to the Pulse’s opinion page. The stern privilege of being older and experienced allows me a contrary perspective on this already crowded stage. I trust I am not alone. That […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Remembering Bill Harder

    The Door County Maritime Museum and Lighthouse Preservation Society is deeply saddened by the sudden passing of Bill Harder, president of the museum’s board of directors. Bill served as president of the museum for the past eight years, and during that time, he was a driving force in making the museum’s three venues – in […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Systematic Transformation of our Police System Needed

    Today 1 percent of American households own more wealth than the bottom 90 percent combined. This disparity of wealth and opportunity in our country is the highest it’s been since 1962.  The police in our communities are given the responsibility of managing our unequal system, which has, in turn, led to an economy of punishment […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Generosity Overpowers Pandemic

    The Sturgeon Bay Lions Club has sold roses every spring for many years. Although we help fund many state and local programs, much of the money collected from this sale is used locally to help our neighbors who cannot afford an eye examination and new glasses, or need monetary assistance for other vision-related issues. This […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Police Unions Should Not Come Between Citizens and Police Officers

    The Minneapolis police-union president has been trying desperately to get the press to make an issue of George Floyd being a “violent criminal.” The position his argument leads one to believe is that it is the duty of local police to execute justice on the street, to blame the victim. We have a justice system […]

  • Letter to the Editor: It’s Time, Folks

    Are you as devastated by the news as I am? It’s time, folks. Time to do more than just talk and wring our hands. Please, everyone, do something. Take at least one action to help right the world. Imagine the power in that!  I realize many are busy, stressed, working multiple jobs, and caring for […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Black and Blue Lives Matter

    Names such as David Dorn don’t appear on signs of BLM marchers but should. Skin in the game? Anyone should prefer law and order over looting and killing, regardless of what skin they have. And the potential for the black police officer to make a huge difference against racism, both individual and systemic, should be […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Community-building Means Honoring All People

    The death of George Floyd was documented in its entirety. The lies told by the policemen involved were immediately exposed by corroborating video. And we are left to wonder whether criminal charges would have been brought had people not taken to the streets. You may disagree. As a Unitarian Universalist (UU), I’m guided by the […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Mask-wearing Should Extend to Officers

    On June 4, at the rally in Sturgeon Bay, none of the officers wore protective masks. This is most unfortunate as this made them the only irresponsible ones at the rally. It is the recommendation of the CDC for all of us to protect each other by wearing masks, and there were our officers – sworn […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Correcting a Misstatement

    While we were very happy with the article promoting our campground in last week’s Peninsula Pulse, there is one item about which I spoke mistakenly that I would like to correct. The article quoted me as saying that we bought our present business in a bankruptcy procedure, and this was not the case. I did […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Sturgeon Bay Declares June Open Door Pride Month

    At the June 2 Sturgeon Bay Common Council meeting, Mayor David Ward presented Open Door Pride with a proclamation declaring June as Open Door Pride Month in the City of Sturgeon Bay. As a founding member of Open Door Pride, I am filled with Pride each year that we publicly receive a proclamation. Proclaiming June […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Riot Gear in Door County?

    When I read a report of Sheriff Stenard’s request for this purchase in the Pulse, I thought it was a misprint. What’s the thinking here? “Hmmm … amidst calls to demilitarize the police and change the culture of law-enforcement agencies nationwide, I should check our closet to see whether we have any riot gear.”  I’ve […]

  • Fathers’ Day: For the Birds?

    Entomology professor Doug Tallamy probably never imagined he’d be teaching so many of us about birds. According to him, there’s a whole lot more going on in our home landscapes than we may have imagined, and Father’s Day is a great opportunity to reflect on this.  Chickadees, for example, are truly dedicated parents. Just half […]