• By the Numbers: Notre Dame Cathedral

    Following the April 15 fire at Notre Dame Cathedral, we looked at some numbers associated with the iconic Parisian landmark. 13 The weight in tons of the grand Emmanuel Bell. It is tuned to F sharp. 120 The average number of minutes a visitor had to wait to tour the cathedral. 157 The width in […]

  • Civility Column: What Politicians Can Learn from Athletes

    Recently I was watching the end of a college basketball game. All of the players and coaches walked in a line past each other, shaking hands, offering congratulations, hugging each other and chatting. Perhaps politicians could learn some lessons from the way basketball is played. First, there are rules. When a rule is violated, the […]

  • Commentary: Attainable Housing Makes A Sustainable County

    by Jim Schuessler, Door County Economic Development Corporation Writer and humorist Mark Twain popularized the phrase that he attributed to British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.” If the British PM were alive today, perhaps he could somehow spin two things into a positive: the mess […]

  • By the Numbers: The Housing Gap

    580 Additional rental apartments needed in Door County by 2023 70 Number of new homes priced below $180,000 needed in central and northern Door County by 2023 200 Senior rental units needed in Door County by 2023 560 Additional seasonal housing beds needed in Door County by 2023 9,990 Number of Door County housing units […]

  • By the Numbers: Earth Day

    April 22 marks the 49th anniversary of Earth Day, established in 1970 by the late Gaylord Nelson, who was a Wisconsin governor and U.S. senator from Wisconsin. 3 The percentage of the Earth’s water not contained in oceans. 3.5 The number of Earths that would be required if everyone on the planet lived as a […]

  • Commentary: Why I Hope

    by Rev. Jennifer Emert, Pastor at Algoma and West Kewaunee United Methodist Churches Around 5 pm on February 26, I sat in front of my computer, watching the live-streaming of the United Methodist Church’s General Conference vote to tighten our denomination’s ban on same-sex marriage and the ordination of LGBTQIA clergy – and wept. At […]

  • By the Numbers: The Big Lebowski

    Because Cherry Lanes in Sturgeon Bay is celebrating the 1998 movie with The Dude Bash on April 20, we decided to share some facts about the cult film and its stars. 0 Although Donny is seen in many bowling shirts, not one bears his name. That is also the number of times the Dude is […]

  • Commentary: Charity, with a Glass of Wine

    At the Door County Community Foundation, we recently learned some really interesting things about each other. One of our board members wrote a musical. A member of our professional staff used to dress up as Clifford the Big Red Dog at public events for PBS. The husband of a board member wrote the definitive history […]

  • By the Numbers: Marijuana Tax Revenue

    A January poll by the Marquette University Law School found 59 percent of respondents in support of marijuana legalization and 33 percent in opposition, which is a major change from a poll taken only five years before, when 51 percent opposed and 41 percent were in favor. In last November’s election, voters in 16 Wisconsin […]

  • Commentary: The Privilege of Voting

    It is not a new concept. It is time we accept it as truth. Divided we fall. In our silence, we have manufactured a divide. Let’s talk politics you and I. We have been told we should not. We have been told we should be polite and not speak of religion or reveal our conservative […]

  • By the Numbers: April Fools’ Day

    April Fools’ Day The origin of the tomfoolery and hoaxing that takes place on April 1 – also known as All Fools’ Day – is a mystery. 1582 The year France changed from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar, which shifted the start of the new year to January 1 rather than the Julian calendar’s […]

  • By the Numbers: Vernal Equinox

    Spring officially began at 4:58 pm on Wednesday, March 20: the moment when the sun crosses the celestial equator – the imaginary line in the sky above Earth’s equator. It’s celebrated as a time of rebirth in the northern hemisphere. 2 The number of times in a year when Earth’s axis is tilted neither toward […]

  • Justin Isherwood: What Is ‘Bitter Cold’?

    The weather reporter said, “Bitter cold, frigid cold, dangerously cold.” NPR characterized recent Midwest temperatures as “unbelievably cold.” I have a problem trusting a news source that refers to Wisconsin and Minnesota temperatures of -20 as “unbelievably cold.” Out of fairness, it did compare Duluth’s temperature to the daytime temperature on Mars, also at -20. […]

  • In Search of Civility: Talking Politics

    People disagree all the time. For every strong opinion, there is an equally strong and opposite one. Yet not all disagreements lead to uninviting family members to Thanksgiving dinner or end in destroyed friendships. Political disagreements, on the other hand, have become increasingly harmful and difficult to handle. Why is this happening? Recent research by […]

  • By the Numbers: St. Patrick’s Day

    On March 17, people of Irish descent and millions of want-to-bes celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, most without any real knowledge of Patrick. He was born in Dunbarton, Scotland, in 385. His grandfather was a priest and his father a deacon, but Patrick had little faith himself – that is, until at the age of 16 […]

  • Door County Environmental Council Statement on the Forestville Millpond

    by the Door County Environmental Council Board of Directors The Door County Environmental Council strongly supports a comprehensive cleanup and permanent restoration of water quality in the Ahnapee River and Forestville Millpond. The question is, how is this best accomplished? Minutes from meetings of the Door County Land Conservation Committee for the past three years […]

  • By the Numbers: Best and Worst States for Women

    With March being Women’s History Month and women holding only 23.7 percent of the seats in Congress – despite making up 51 percent of the U.S. population – the personal-finance website WalletHub has released its report on 2019’s Best and Worst States for Women. To identify the most women-friendly states, WalletHub compared the 50 states and […]

  • Commentary: Looking at ‘Dollars and Sense’

    by the Wisconsin Policy Forum Cities and villages in Wisconsin rely more heavily on property taxes than any other state in the Midwest – and to a greater degree than most states nationally – according to a new report by the nonpartisan, independent Wisconsin Policy Forum (WPF). In 2015, Wisconsin municipalities received 42.2 percent of […]

  • Commentary: Principles of Collaboration

    Collaboration has become one of the trendiest ideas in the nonprofit world. Donors and grantmakers are increasingly demanding it, and the charities are responding accordingly. Generally speaking, this is a good thing. A strong and robust collaborative partnership leads to greater organizational efficiencies and increased effectiveness, and it can accelerate the speed of social and/or […]

  • Commentary: League of Women Voters Calls for Redistricting Reform

    by Andrea Kaminski With a legacy going back almost a century and a presence in all 50 states, the League of Women Voters takes the long view on how voting-district maps are drawn. In Wisconsin, the League has been active in apportionment and redistricting since the 1930s. Through the decades, our stance has sometimes lined […]