Peruvian Ceramics Lecture at DCA

Debbie Kupinsky, assistant professor of sculpture at St. Norbert College, will present the lecture “Love and Sacrifice: Pre-Columbian Ceramics in Peru” on Feb. 10, 10 am at the Door Community Auditorium.

In her lecture, Kupinsky, who maintains an active ceramics studio in Appleton, will explore the naturalistic and representational approach of Moche ceramics, the stylized painting of Nazca ceramics, and art and the exploration of environment in Chimu ceramics. Pre-Columbian Peruvians used ceramic works to document their everyday life, and they reflect a sensitivity of form, design, and modeling that sometimes seems at odds with the subjects of sex, childbirth, disease and human sacrifice.

Kupinsky’s lecture is free to the public, but freewill donations are encouraged. Coffee and treats from Base Camp Coffee Shop will also be available for purchase.

Door Community Auditorium is located at 3926 Hwy 42 in Fish Creek. The box office is open 12-5 pm, Monday through Friday. For more information, call 920.868.2728 or visit


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