Pesto Festo II

Door County Master Gardener Volunteers are looking for adventurous chefs willing to share their most inventive and tastiest pesto recipes. During a “Pesto Festo” on August 2 between 1 and 3:30 pm, entries will be taste-tested by a panel of judges with the most discriminating palates.

There are no rules governing recipe ingredients this year, so let your imagination run wild! Chefs may enter more than one pesto creation; however, each submission must be at least two and one half cups and come with a recipe and contact information so that the winners may be honored. Upon delivery of the pesto sample between 10 am and 11 am on the day of the Open House, entrants will be asked to provide a title for each pesto, the main ingredients and how or on what the pesto might be used.

The judging team will be coordinated by Steve Wisniewski, Executive Chef at Door County Memorial Hospital. “The Most Piquant Pesto” award will be conferred on the first place winner, along with second and third place prizes. In addition a “Most Creative” award will be presented as well as a “Peoples’ Choice” award.

The recipes will be published as an attachment to the October Door County Master Gardeners Newsletter and will be available online. For additional information please call Barbara and Doug Henderson at 920.743.9026.