Pet Safety Tips

The Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) Door County Campus is currently housing nearly 30 dogs from other shelters to assist them as they work through an animal-health situation (visit to learn more), so WHS Door County is temporarily closed for adoptions. It will resume regular adoption processes soon.

In the meantime, keep these pet-safety tips in mind as you begin your spring gardening:

• Research any new plants to ensure they’re not toxic to your pets, and double-check those already growing in your yard. Hundreds of plants – including azaleas, daffodils, tulips and amaryllis – can be toxic to animals.

• Avoid using cocoa-bean mulch because it contains chemicals similar to those in chocolate, making it dangerous if ingested by dogs. Pine, cedar and hemlock are safer mulch options.

• Be diligent in researching your insecticides, pesticides and fertilizers before buying because some are less dangerous to pets. Always follow the written safety instructions, and keep pets off the treated areas for the prescribed amount of time.If your pet ingests anything dangerous or starts to behave differently after being outside, contact your vet right away. For more pet-safety tips, visit

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