Pet Talk: Floppy or Perky Ears?

Q:  We have a four-month-old German shepherd mixed puppy who looks like she could be full-blooded. Bella has the cutest floppy ears that I just love. Is there a chance they will stay down, or being part shepherd are they more likely to go up?

A:  First let me congratulate you on your new puppy. How exciting for you and your family.

As far as Bella’s ears staying floppy, it’s anybody’s guess since she is a mix. If whatever breed she is mixed with had floppy ears then it is possible they will stay down. The ear position will depend on the pup’s genetics.

Every puppy is different. The ears can first go up at any time from four weeks old to never. If the ears are going to stand naturally they would be up between four and seven months of age and after her adult teeth have come in.

It is not unusual to see the ears go up and down during the teething process.

The rule of thumb is if an ear has ever been erect on its own for any amount of time during the puppy’s first five months, you can be pretty sure they are going to stand permanently when the teething period is over.

If Bella’s ears have not shown any signs of standing by the time she is seven months old there is a good chance they will remain floppy.

I am sure no matter what your pup’s ears do, you will love her just the same and enjoy the great dog she is.


Sally Salopek is the owner and operator of Attend-A-Pet pet sitting services in northern Door County. She has also worked professionally with animals in health care, pet grooming, training, wildlife rehab and rescue. Send your pet-related questions to her at [email protected].

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