Pet Tip: Cold Weather Pet Safety

It’s the time of year Wisconsinites have come to know and love: a time of bitter-cold temperatures along with snowy, icy streets. The Wisconsin Humane Society reminds those who care for animals that cold weather poses threats to their furry friends and suggests these tips to help keep their animals safe:

• Keep animals inside. Even northern-breed dogs such as malamutes and chow chows need a heated, comfortable shelter away from bitter-cold temperatures and high winds to stay safe. Take dogs outside only long enough for them to relieve themselves, and keep cats indoors at all times.

• Clean up spilled antifreeze because the sweet taste of this lethal poison attracts animals. Use more animal-friendly product formulations such as propylene glycol (instead of ethylene glycol) if possible.

• Never leave your companion animal alone in the car, especially during cold weather. The car can quickly become a refrigerator, and your pet can freeze to death.

• When dogs come in out of the rain, snow or ice, thoroughly wipe off their legs, feet and stomach. Salt and antifreeze can kill dogs, so it’s very important to wipe off these harmful substances before dogs have a chance to lick them off.

Visit to read more winter safety tips from the Wisconsin Humane Society.

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