Phillip Whiteman Jr. Leads Medicine Wheel Model Workshops

Phillip Whiteman Jr.

Dr. Melissa Nelson, of Nelson Healing Center, is working with nationally known Indian cultural consultant, storyteller and horseman, Phillip Whiteman Jr. to present a two-day workshop, Sept. 29 – 30. The workshop will be focused on the Medicine Wheel Model (MWM), and includes a day of working with horses. The workshops include traditional storytelling and songs.

On the first day, Whiteman will explain how prophecies regarding 12-21-2012 are firmly rooted in a spiritual cleansing and regeneration, leading toward a greater understanding and consciousness of the oneness and prior unity of the Human Family.

The second day, working with live horses at Idlewild Farms, he will demonstrate the spiritual connections that exist between horse and horseman.

The fee is $75 per day (lunch included); participants may choose to attend one or both workshops.

To register, call 920.818.0045 or visit