Photo Poll: Besides family and friends, what are you most thankful for this year?

Jackie Thelen

“Travel, open-minded people and food.” ~ Jackie Thelen

Justin Anderson

“I’ve been given a lot of good opportunities to grow as a person.” ~ Justin Anderson

Sally McEvoy

“Smart and compassionate people!” ~ Sally McEvoy

Adam Prugh

“The lovely weather we’ve had. I’m a gardener so it’s been surprisingly great.” ~ Adam Prugh

Mary Horton

“Community events like Rock ‘n Bowl Art Night because I would never sit at home and make a bowl.” ~ Mary Horton

Jessica Prugh

“Spontaneous dance parties in our living room. We went for almost two hours last night.” ~ Jessica Prugh

Alex VanHorn

“I’m really glad to have ended up back in the county. I’ve spent the past eight years traveling and no matter where else I’ve been, no other art community compares.” ~ Alex VanHorn


“I’m grateful to live in a community where a gathering like Rock ‘n Bowl Art Night can occur with no fear.” ~ Judith

Paul Sowinski

“Hearing, because I make a living at it.” ~ Paul Sowinski

Gene Drachenberg

“For the beauty and the activity available to me in Door County.” ~ Gene Drachenberg

Sharon Drachenberg

“For our new community. We moved to Ellison Bay in May. My heart sings in Door County.” ~ Sharon Drachenberg

Gerry Swanson

“I’m been coming here since 1973 and moved here in September. Now I’m on a permanent vacation!” ~ Gerry Swanson

Micky Swanson

“The trees, the parks, the waves, the shore, the cliffs. They all end up in my camera lens.” ~ Micky Swanson

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