Photo Poll: Coming to America

We asked some of Door County’s foreign summer workers …

What is the most interesting or unusual thing you’ve learned about American culture since coming here?



“I think the most interesting for me is that people will say ‘hi’ to you on the road. Even when they are strangers, they are so kind and they will say ‘hello’ to me and I feel warm. In my country, it’s impossible.” ~ Mango, from China



“Chicken with sweet sauce. It’s strange. In Eastern cultures, I didn’t hear that people eat chicken with sweet things. It’s weird.” ~ Resul, from Turkey



“When I first came to the USA, we flew from Beijing to Chicago. It was just 3 pm and I wanted to find a Greyhound bus to here but the salespeople told us, no tickets today. I feel very strange. It’s only 3 o’clock. In our country, public transportation is very convenient.” ~ Katie, from China



“People here are very nice, nice to us and they invited us to their home and take us to places.” ~ Hannah, from China



“American people are very friendly and everybody says ‘hi.’ It’s very interesting. It’s a very peaceful environment and people are very helpful.” ~ Gönül, from Turkey



“I think the strangest thing is that everyone drinks cold water. In my country, my mother told me, cold water is unpurified. Everyone drinks cold water. I think it’s very strange because I drink hot water.” ~ Marry, from China

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