Photo Poll: What is the best or worst Christmas gift you have ever received?


Beth Liechty

“Another wedding band, to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.” ~ Beth Liechty

left Julie Chomeau and Bonnie Spielman

“A polka cello.” ~ Bonnie Spielman

Rachel Sayer

“I was six and my grandma sent me a nightgown and a housecoat. The housecoat was floor length, quilted, pink and silky with rosebuds and lace. It was scratchy but fancy.” ~ Rachel Sayer

Rachel Korn

“A Nintendo GameCube when I was in third grade. We camped out in the living room for such an extended period of time that Christmas decorations came down a week late because we yelled at our parents anytime they got in the way of the TV.” ~ Rachel Korn


left Julie Chomeau and Bonnie Spielman

“A needlepoint Kleenex box cover.” ~ Julie Chomeau

Lori Mielke

“A really ugly light-up snowman decoration with fiber optic lights. It was not cute at all. Every year, [the gift giver] asked me where I put it. We had a back room and that’s where we put it up. I wasn’t lying – it was up, but nobody could see it.” ~ Lori Mielke

Lee McConkey

“A cat calendar.” ~ Lee McConkey

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