Photo Poll: What was the best part of your year?

Libby Spencer

“Getting a new job and being able to promote beautiful Door County.” – Libby Spencer

Angela Woodward

“Moving up here and getting to make all the yummy treats that everyone loves at Rowleys Bay.”
– Angela Woodward

JP Kelnhofer

“The birth of my second child.” – JP Kelnhofer

Katie Dahl

“The best part of my year was our CD release concert at the auditorium. It was a relief to finally get the new album out into the world and thrilling to have so many people show up.” – Katie Dahl

Rich Higdon

“Our honeymoon. We spent five weeks in Europe!” – Rich Higdon

David Merkle

“Having a more successful year than any other year.” – David Merkle

Katie Krouse

“Graduating from UW-La Crosse with a degree in aquatic science.” – Katie Krouse

Sally Slattery

“Camping at Rock Island for the first time. We hiked and napped and ate good food. It was awesome.” – Sally Slattery

Paul Wanish

“Going to my beautiful girlfriend’s hometown in eastern Poland with her.” – Paul Wanish

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