Photo Poll: What’s Your Least Favorite Thanksgiving Food?

We Asked Our Readers…

 What is your least favorite food served at Thanksgiving dinner?

“That marshmallow [crap]. Candied yams.” ~ Ben McMahon


Ben McMahon

“I think that cranberry sauce is a waste of time.” ~ Matt Stone

Matt Stone

“Cranberry sauce. Literally every other food is A-OK with me.” ~ Danny McMahon

Dan McMahon

“It’s orange and it’s goopy – mashed rutabagas.” ~ Allyce Mohs

Allyce Mohs

“Broccoli. It’s just gross.” ~ Ryan Kernosky

Ryan Kernosky

“Cranberries. Nasty. People would slice them right out of the can? Yuck.” ~ Jordan Zacek

Jordan Zacek

“The weird thing that the guest brings. Excluding dessert.” ~ Andy Roth

Andy Roth

“Squash. I don’t like the texture!” ~ Trista May

Trista May

“I only like cranberry in my vodka.” ~ Zach Vogel

Zach Vogel

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