Photography of Dennis Connolly on Display in TAP Lobby Gallery

Dennis Connolly’s photos of refugees from Central America, Vietnam and Cambodia will be on exhibit March 1-3 to complement Third Avenue Playhouse’s performances of Right To Live.

The Door County photographer wrote in his artist statement: “Famine and wars, with the accompanying factors of oppression, persecution, starvation and lack of opportunity have forced people to migrate from their familiarity to the uncertainty of other lands, laws and customs. With the exception of a few circumstances, this movement occurs as the migrants leave families, possessions, property and culture. When migration occurs to seek safety/refuge, one may be called a refugee. The refugee risks all in order to find a level of security/stability for himself/herself and family.

“In my past, I’ve had the opportunity to be part of health-care teams to many underserved regions in Central America. … It is my hope that these images enhance our sensitivity, empathy and our own personal gratitude.”


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