Phrases We Miss

Angela Lensch Gallery in Egg Harbor will host a two-day trunk show of LuLit luminaries by Sally Slattery on July 4 and 5, 10 am – 5 pm.

LuLit (short for Luminating Literature) features a line of mix-media pieces, primarily Mason jars of all shapes and sizes adorned with old book pages, vintage postcards, antique photographs, and magazine clippings. The collages then come to life with the light of a candle.

“LuLit essentially celebrates the written word – one of my favorite art forms,” says Slattery, who also edits and writes for the Peninsula Pulse. “The words and poems light up, complemented with old photographs and paintings. I strive to show off the timelessness and beauty of these old poems and phrases we might miss when we skim through anthologies or poetry books.”

Affordable and adorable, the jars are also versatile – perfect for storing treasured items like jewelry or mementos, or everyday items like cotton balls or candy.

For more information about LuLit visit or email [email protected]. For more information on the Angela Lensch Gallery visit