Plain Error Festival at Gallery Forty Two

A Door County artist, Tim Nyberg, is a red head who’s fair skin won’t allow him to paint in the sun during Door County’s Plein Air Festival (even when liberally doused with sunscreen). So, he’s launched the indoor “Plain Error Festival” at Gallery Forty Two in Juddville. Fridays through Sundays July 21 through August 2 the artist will be painting over some of the most grievous errors he’s ever placed on canvas. Paintings will be yanked off the walls and painted over in full display of the viewing public. There will be ample wine available to calm the nerves during this daring display of public humiliation.

Nyberg is no stranger to making a fool of himself in public. One of his other jobs is stand-up comedy. He tours the country as one half of the goofball team, “Jim and Tim, the Duct Tape Guys.” One can plainly see his humor reflected in his art. The moment visitors walk through the door of Gallery Forty Two they invariably smile, politely giggle, and even laugh out loud.

After 30 years as a professional graphic designer and illustrator in the Twin Cities, Nyberg and his wife moved to Door County where he began to focus on creating non-commercial work. Nyberg enjoyed the painting experience so much that he decided to open a gallery in Juddville to exhibit and sell his art.

“Paint-overs – or ‘Extreme Make-Over: Gallery Edition’ as I call it on my web site – are often very rewarding in what they yield,” said Nyberg. “I’ve never hesitated to paint over old canvases. The underlying colors and textures really add depth and interest to the ‘new’ piece.”

Gallery Forty Two also hosts “Art and Music Jams” every Saturday from 1 – 4 pm when Nyberg paints to live jazz. The gallery is located on Highway 42 at Juddville Road between Egg Harbor and Fish Creek. Visit the online gallery at