“Play It Forward” Benefits Go Bo Foundation

Jeanne Kuhns (left) and Marybeth Mattson of Small Forest perform at the inaugural “Play It Forward.” Photo by Jim Ludstrom.

The inaugural “Play It Forward” Benefit Concert featuring Door County musicians and inspired by Bo Johnson’s life and legacy was held at Door Community Auditorium in Fish Creek on Sunday, Oct. 22.

The “Play It Forward” lineup included Ben Larsen, Katie Dahl, Dirty Deuce, Julian Hagen, Jess Holland and Nick Hoover, Mighty Mouth, One Voice (featuring Lynn Gudmundsen, David Hatch and Lloyd Michalsen), Small Forest (featuring Jeanne Kuhns, Marybeth Mattson and Patrick Palmer), Thor Thoreson and poet Ralph Murre.

While the concert was free, donations were encouraged to benefit the Go Bo Foundation. A total of $5,127 was raised. Sept. 21, 2014, has been tentatively scheduled for the 2nd Annual “Play It Forward Concert.”