Player Profile

Age: 58

Occupation: Write websites and work at Alpine Golf Course

Hometown: Sturgeon Bay

Home Course: IdleWild and Alpine

Handicap: 12 (been as low as an 8)

Hole-in-one(s)?: Three – all at Alpine. My first one around 2005 – Blue #7 (145 yards). The other two about two years ago (both in the same year), Red #9 (208 yards) and again, Blue #7. I own that hole.

Favorite course ever played?: I’m partial to Alpine and IdleWild, but I will say Timberstone.

Share a favorite golf memory with us: How I got my golf nickname…My friends and I were playing golf at Timberstone and on one of the holes I hit my ball into a pond. I took off my shoes and socks – I’m standing barefoot in the pond ready to hit the ball and all the frogs around me starting making the sound “dew…” “dew…” – hence my nickname Dew Hickey. It was great – I had my own cheering section.

Favorite pro player: Should I say it? Tiger Woods. It’s kind of a Brett Favre thing…he’s a complete idiot, but he’s so fun to watch, and probably the best golfer to have ever lived.

Favorite foursome: Johnny Goettelman, Dick Hartl, and Jim Berg

Your game strengths: I’m not bad – I’m ok at just about everything, except for putting.

What needs work: Putting – I’m the world’s worst putter.

Golf tip to share: Keep it simple

What’s in the bag?: TaylorMade driver, Ping 3-wood, two King Cobra rescue clubs, King Cobra irons, Titleist wedge, Odyssey blade putter

Interests outside of golf: I really enjoy working on websites and working at Alpine.