Player Profile

Age: 35

Occupation: Manager of Golf Course Maintenance at Horseshoe Bay Golf Club

Home Course: Horseshoe Bay Golf Club

Handicap: Currently 7.7, been as low as a 3

Years Playing: Since I was six-years-old

Best 18-hole score: 70 at Maxwelton Braes – I was 16 or 17-years-old. Back then I worked there and I used to play 36 holes a day.

Hole-in-one(s)?: No, but in a scramble at Idlewild I knocked our second shot in on number two from about 200-yards out for an albatross.

Nicest Golf Course Ever Played: Branson Creek in Missouri

Favorite Golf Memory: Playing at Branson Creek with my dad and Uncle Bill. It was November – it was like 38 degrees out and windy – but we had to play because it was such a nice course.

Favorite Pro Golfer: Fred Couples. I actually met him a few times – he’s just a genuine guy. At the World Championship of Golf at Blackwolf Run, I got to walk behind him and carry his score sign. It was fun to watch him play upclose.

Favorite/ Fantasy Foursome: My Johnny G Foursome – we’ve won the tournament three years in a row: Mark Basch, Dick Brisch, and Tony Gonzales.

What’s in the bag: 907 D2 Titleist Driver, 15.5 Titleist 3-wood, 24 degree Titleist hybrid, 704.CB Titleist wedges, Cameron putter

Who’s your caddy: Johnathan Levi – my 16-month-old. He’s my future caddy – or visa versa.

Golf Tip to Share: Keep your head behind the ball. Loose grip under pressure.

What You Like To Do When Not Playing Golf: Spend time with the family.