Player Profile

John Goettleman

Sturgeon Bay

John, a “seasoned” local golfer, competed this year in both the Senior State Amateur as well as the Cherryland Open.

Home Course:  Idlewild

Handicap:  5.6

Years Playing:  “Since I was nine…for 56 years.”

Best 18-hole score:  “A 64 in Florida when I was in the Air Force. In Door County, I shot a 67 at Alpine, a 68 at Idlewild, and a 70 at Horseshoe Bay.”

Hole-in-one(s)?:  Four – Cherry Hills (1989), Florida (1992), and two at Idlewild (1995 & 1996)

Favorite Golf Memory:  “I don’t know if it’s my favorite, but it’s one I’ll never forget. My mother was a real good golfer, and when I was seven, I wanted to learn how to play golf. She gave me a 9-iron and put a bushel basket about 15 yards away. She said once I could hit ten in a row into the bushel basket, I could play on the golf course with her. It took me a year and a half.”

Nicest Golf Course Ever Played:  Medinah #3

Favorite Pro Golfer:  “I like the young guns, like Boo Weekly.”

Favorite Foursome:  Don Strutz, Bill Boettcher, and Dick Hartl

Game Strengths:  “I don’t hit it far, but I do hit it straight. And I’m pretty good around the greens.”

What Needs Work:  “Definitely my putting.”

Golf Tip to Share:  “Keep your head behind the ball. It keeps your body from sliding forward.”