Plum Bottom Pottery to Unveil New Porcelain Work

Local porcelain artist, Chad Luberger, who will celebrate the one-year anniversary of his gallery, Plum Bottom Pottery, on June 28, is proud to unveil a new series of porcelain work that includes over 100 pieces.

“If everything goes as planned new work should be in the gallery July 1,” Luberger states.

“My pots are mostly functional though I have pushed those boundaries with my most recent explorations in porcelain. I’ve started to alter the work, which is opening up all sorts of exciting possibilities of where my art will go,” says Luberger.

Exploring new forms and glazes are what collectors have come to expect from this young artist. Flowing forms that are as easily sculptural as functional typify what the latest series of pieces convey.

“I’ve been exploring the fluidity of the porcelain, trying to emphasize its softness,” says Luberger. “I’ve rededicated myself to focusing my work in porcelain, I spent some time this winter doing experiments with stoneware, but the clay didn’t highlight color the same way porcelain does,” says Luberger. To that end when Luberger unveils his latest work in the gallery, over 300 pieces of handcrafted porcelain will be on display, the largest such collection by a Door County artist.

This spring, Luberger spent several weeks renovating the gallery; opening up more exhibition space, redesigning the shelving and lighting of the entire gallery, while creating a small living room atmosphere. Luberger says, “Since completing the renovation this spring the gallery really has come together, it’s a place that I am proud to show my work.”

In the short time Plum Bottom Pottery has been open Luberger has continued to surprise visitors with continually evolving work. Luberger says, “People will often come in and expect to see similar pieces to what they saw last year, and at least right now that’s not how I work, I’ll revisit old ideas for improvement, but I hope I never run out of new ideas to explore.”

Luberger’s Plum Bottom Pottery is open daily from 10 am – 5 pm. Visit the gallery by traveling on Highway 42 for 4.5 miles south of Egg Harbor then turn left (east) on Plum Bottom Road, go 1 mile to 4999 Plum Bottom Road and look for the big orange sign. For questions or to make an appointment outside of business hours call 920.743.2819.