Plum Bottom Show Highlights Fused Glass

Plum Bottom Gallery ( is hosting a fused-glass show July 24, 10 am – 5 pm, to share colorful, handmade pieces.  

Laurel Grey will offer a new collection of her leaf strands, plus her leaf sculptures and wall panels. She hand-cuts and paints each leaf, then fires it in a kiln to give it a natural shape. Kellie Hanson creates beautiful glass mosaics for windows or walls by hand-cutting glass to create nature scenes. Grey and Hanson will be on hand July 24, 1-3 pm, to talk about their work.

Rose Kleman makes glass frit panels that sparkle in any light, and each comes with a custom metal stand or birch-tree-stump stand. She finds inspiration in the magic and majesty of water. Josephine Geiger offers leaded stained glass and screen-printed panels that feature birch trees in stainless-steel stands. And Paula Garille’s speciality is a delightful collection of colorful platters, sculptures and dishes that will make you smile.

This fused-glass show will be held at the Plum Bottom Road location, 4999 Plum Bottom Road in Egg Harbor.

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