PODCAST: Author Dan Egan Talks Tourism, Water Levels, and How Climate Change Threatens Chicago

In 2002 journalist Dan Egan wrote an article for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel titled “Is Door County too pretty for its own good?” about fears the peninsula was attracting too many people. Sound familiar? He joins Myles Dannhausen Jr. to give some historical context to the debate about overtourism. Plus, they discuss his recent New York Times article about how climate change threatens Chicago, and what to take from this summer’s declining water levels.

Dan Egan is an environmental journalist and author of the book The Death and Life of the Great Lakes. Dan is one of the foremost chroniclers of the Great Lakes region, He now lives in Milwaukee where he is a journalist in residence at the Center for Water Policy at UW – Milwaukee, but he’s also a longtime visitor to Door County.

Chicago: A Battle Between a Great City and a Great Lake