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  • PODCAST: The Upside of the Dark Day When Rowleys Bay Resort Burned

    There is nothing like a tragedy to show a community who it is, and the fire at Rowleys Bay Resort was all that. Myles Dannhausen Jr. and Deb Fitzgerald talk about the Sept. 5 response to the fire, the aftermath, the memories, efforts to help the displaced employees and the owners’ vow to rebuild.

  • PODCAST: Technology and Religion with Meghan O’Gieblyn

    Author Meghan O’Gieblyn joins the podcast to discuss her book, God, Human, Animal, Machine: Technology, Metaphor and the Search for Meaning. She is one of the featured authors at the Washington Island Literary Festival, which takes place Sept. 21-23.

  • PODCAST: 25 Years of Fishstock with Eric Lewis

    Eric Lewis joins Myles Dannhausen Jr. to talk about the Camp David Reunion Concert at Fishstock, where Lewis has been packing the barn for 25 years for the Labor Day concert. He returns to the state Sunday night. They talk Fishstock, the legend that is Dave Ellmann, and the way the Fishstock thread of musicians […]

  • PODCAST: Something for Everyone at DKAF

    Andrew Kleidon is joined by Eric Simonson to talk about the 2023 Door Kinetic Arts Festival, a celebration of a diverse range of performance styles. From Cocktails to short films, dance to opera, and everything in between.

  • PODCAST: Democracy’s News

    What does the raid of a Kansas newspaper in early August say about today’s society? Has journalism, citizenship and civic discourse disintegrated to such a degree that our democracy is threatened? Here to talk about that with Debra Fitzgerald is Mike Killenberg and Rob Anderson, former professors of journalism and communications, current Jacksonport residents, and […]

  • PODCAST: Prof. Donald Shoup on the High Cost of Free Parking

    Few things shape the look and economics of our communities more than parking requirements. Unfortunately, most villages, towns and cities write their requirements to produce the exact opposite of the communities they want to encourage. Myles Dannhausen Jr. talks to UCLA professor and author Donald Shoup about why parking minimums hurt communities and how thinking […]

  • PODCAST: The Waning Commitment to Transparency

    Are municipalities and school boards abusing the spirit of transparency in open meetings and records? Debra Fitzgerald and Myles Dannhausen Jr. discuss the disturbing trend of local boards using closed session meetings for dubious reasons. Plus, a look at Sister Bay’s new facilities plan draft, the search for a pigeon and an update on reporter […]

  • PODCAST: Door County Nice with Emma Chamley

    Andrew Kleidon talks with Pulse intern Emma Chamley about her favorite stories and experiences from the summer.

  • PODCAST: Democracy and the Arts with Bronwyn Mauldin

    Getting people to engage in democracy and government has been a central theme in the work of artist Bronwyn Mauldin. She joins Myles Dannhausen Jr. to discuss the intertwining of art and democracy and her upcoming seminar at Bjorklunden Aug. 6-11. Mauldin is a writer, zine maker and researcher. She serves as director of research […]

  • PODCAST: Edward McPherson Explores Passions Through Writing

    Pulse assistant editor, Grace Johnson, is joined by author Edward McPherson who is the nonfiction judge for the 2023 Hal Prize. The two talk about how McPherson got into writing, his three books and what he is working on as a newly minted Guggenheim Fellow.

  • PODCAST: Maritime Week with Paige Funkhouser and Cam Ehlers-Kwaterski

    Myles Dannhausen Jr. sits down with Paige and Cam to talk about Sturgeon Bay’s big maritime celebration Aug. 1-12.

  • PODCAST: Jumping in Feet First with Chicago Mule

    Andrew Kleidon hangs out with Matthew Gordon, one half of the band Chicago Mule, to talk about what it takes to make your band your full time job, gigging in Door County, and much more.Listen to a new single by Chicago Mule’s Megan Burback here:

  • PODCAST: Matt Sampson of Sway Brewing and Blending

     Myles Dannhausen Jr. catches up with Matt Sampson, the brewer and owner of Sway Brewing and Blending, the small brewery that just celebrated its first birthday in Baileys Harbor. Sampson talks about his vision for the brewery, his path to helming his own shop and partnering with others to create a place for beer, food […]

  • PODCAST: Trauma in Paradise

    Door County may seem like paradise to many, but those who work in the wellness and mental health fields understand that trauma, anxiety and depression are just as common here as in other rural communities where there’s more isolation and access to services. Local professionals want to help our community become more resilient and are […]

  • PODCAST: Poet Sean Hill Explores Place, Belonging

    In this episode, Pulse assistant editor, Grace Johnson, is joined by Sean Hill, poet and judge for the Hal Prize in poetry. They talk about his first steps into poetry, the themes he explores in his work and what he’s looking for in Hal Prize submissions.

  • PODCAST: A Second Chance at the Redmann Property

    Andrew Kleidon and Myles Dannhausen Jr. have a few updates to some long-term stories, including Fish Creek’s second chance to purchase the Reddmann Property. Also, Door County will welcome athletes to challenge their bodies in the Door County Triathlon this weekend.

  • PODCAST: Billy Bob Thornton

    Acclaimed actor Billy Bob Thornton is coming to Door Community Auditorium next week in a new role – as the lead singer of his band the Boxmasters. He joins the podcast to talk to Debra Fitzgerald about his love of music, performing and creative influences.

  • PODCAST: Bringing back the Bookmobile with John Sawyer

    The bookmobile was a conduit to the outside world for thousands of Door County children in the days of one-room schools and before satellite libraries existed in every community. Now a committee of the Egg Harbor Historical Society is raising funds to bring it back to life to educate people about the history of education […]

  • PODCAST: July 4th Primer, A New Roundabout, and a Graffiti Crackdown

    Debra Fitzgerald joins Myles Dannhausen Jr. to give a brief rundown on everything going on for the 4th of July holiday week in Door County. Then they dive into the news, including a roundabout that is likely coming to the Culver’s intersection, a graffiti crackdown at Anderson Dock, and the latest on broadband expansion projects.

  • PODCAST: The Right to Read with State Rep. Joel Kitchens

    Debra Fitzgerald talks with state Rep. Joel Kitchens about the Right to Read Act he authored and is on track to becoming law. The bill would transform the way reading is taught in Wisconsin. They also discuss another of his bills that has passed the Assembly that would make hormonal contraceptives available without a prescription […]