Poem: ‘Her Present Season’ by David Clowers

Editor’s Note:  In honor of Door County’s rich literary and photography communities, the editorial staff at Door County Living decided to highlight both in this issue’s literature section. This spring, we looked through a collection of photos from photography director Len Villano’s archives for an image that best conveys the carefree feel of a Door County summer. We were happy to share this image with local poet David Clowers, best known for his humorous approach to verse, and tasked him with writing a poem inspired by it. What follows is Clowers’ take on this summer scene in his poem, “Her Present Season.”

Photo by Len Villano.

Her Present Season

April-May’s small greens
fawn lilies and hepatica

gold maples and blue sky

And November-December’s
birch bones of gray woods

But June-July-August’s
arborvitae fragrance
tart cherry reds and azure waves
breaking on warm summer sand

Our memorable lives
like diamonds of sunlight
strewn over fresh water
recollected as
highlights in her hair
as freckles etched
around her eyes
and her smile enjoying
the future of today
her present season.


David Clower’s family camped in Peninsula State Park during the ’50s, he bought 30 acres of Door County woods in the ’70s and finally moved permanently into a cabin he built himself in 200l, a 60-year history that qualifies him to be, as Door County’s locals would say, “a newcomer.” His poems have appeared in Your Daily Poem, Fox Cry, Verse Wisconsin, Peninsula Pulse, Knock, Re-Verse, Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets Calendars, Amethyst and Agate and Soundings Anthology of Door County Poetry. He also published two chapbooks, Shedding My Three Piece Birthday Suit (2010) and Doggysattva Love (2015).

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