Pre-Digital Photography Exhibited at UU Gallery

“The Little Artist,” photographed by Peter Trenchard.

Dianne and Peter Trenchard, well known Door County entrepreneurs and leaders in the support of the arts, are showing their photography at the UU Gallery in Ephraim throughout December. The exhibit, “Keeping it Real,” will be celebrated with an opening reception on Dec. 9, 11:30 am – 1:30 pm. All of the photography in this exhibit predates digital and has been called “old-fashioned” or “keeping it real.” None of the photographs have been enhanced or edited.

Various trips and travel opportunities have given the Trenchards an opportunity to record a variety of interesting subjects. Having taken classes at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California, Peter and Dianne enjoy photography as a hobby. Peter was privileged to take a class with Ernst Hass at Brooks.

Peter’s interest in photography developed in high school as he photographed high school athletic events and worked for a professional photographer. It was not until he and Dianne moved to Door County in 1983, after 25 years in the brokerage business in Chicago, that the photography spirit rekindled.

Dianne’s interest developed in college while working behind a camera in television production. She traveled extensively and lived in Turkey for three years. Her photography was primarily a way to record growth, change and memorable experiences in her life. At Brooks Institute she began to think of photography as a form of personal artistic expression. Dianne took classes in black and white photography and loved the challenge of capturing unusual lighting and varied textures on film.

For “Keeping It Real,” Dianne took all of the photos with her trusty Nikon SLR. Peter shot his photographs with a Hasselblad 500 C/M with Carl Zeiss lenses, a non-digital system that is still used by professional and serious amateur photographers.

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