Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Sets Up ‘Blessing Box’ with Food, Household Goods

A Blessing Box was recently set up at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Sturgeon Bay. The Blessing Box combines the Little Free Library with a food pantry, resulting in a freestanding wooden box under the motto: “Take what you need. Bring what you can. Above all, be blessed.” Church members and the community may drop off food as they are willing and able; in turn, the Blessing Box is available for those who need food outside of normal business hours for local food pantries.

In addition to stocking non-perishable food, new household goods and hygiene items may be available in certain themed seasons. Find updates and more information in the Facebook group @blessingboxsb.

The Blessing Box is located on the property of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church at 1756 Michigan St. Specifically, it is under the awning on the small parking lot side, accessible from Michigan Street.


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